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About ___

Technolavage SARL is a Moroccan company that started its services in 2011 in Marrakech. Specializing in self-service high-pressure washing, it offers solutions ranging from “small washers” to self-service washing stations.

Do not hesitate to contact us to study your project, we are here to inform you and offer you the best solutions. From the sale to the rental of equipment, we will bring you the best proposal for success.

Since 2017, Technolavage sells automatic self-service laundromats (washing machines) in the kingdom, these can be produced at a kiosk or in a shop.

Technolavage is a subsidiary of the THDA group. All our structures are manufactured in Portugal in our factory in Porto. In order to bring the best quality/price ratio to our customers, we manufacture detergents in Morocco under license from our group. We guarantee a fast and efficient after-sales service thanks to our large stock of spare parts.

Image by Boris M

History ___

Established in the Kingdom of Morocco since 2011, it is on Marrakech, Casa road, on the Oilibya station (opposite McDonald) that the story of Technolavage will begin  formerly nominated “AUTO DOUCHE SARL”.

Faced with strong demand and great acceptance from Marrakchi customers, a second station was installed in Marrakech the following year on El Khattabi Avenue (facing Acima).

Since its inception, seven washing stations have been installed in the city of Marrakech, three stations in Casablanca, one in Ait Melloul and Zagora.

2017 is the year of the presentation of our new proposal: the self-service laundromat.

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