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Technolavage brings you the best in terms of investment. You wish to start a new activity or you are simply looking for additional income, Technolavage brings you the comfort of investing in a secure and clean sector which has proven its effectiveness on the financial market. Technolavage guides you throughout the market and feasibility study. We provide our clients with all our expertise and know-how. Choose from the following investments and let your journey begin.

Looking for new lucrative business or investment opportunities, you're probably interested in creative ways to maximize your profits. Want to know a simple solution to generate an amazing source of income 24/7, please contact us by pressing the button below.

Car Wash Station

At Technolavage, we manufacture reliable vehicle washing equipment. For our customers, the “Auto Douche” washing stations are +simple +fast +economical. Our detergents are designed to be the best on the market, under European license, they are manufactured by us in Morocco. We don't take shortcuts, because there is no substitute for high quality.

In a self-service or automatic car wash, the customer does the work, eliminating the need for many employees. Typically, it only takes one or two workers to maintain and clean a site during the busiest times of the day and keep operations running smoothly.

From the operator's perspective, a car wash is relatively easy to manage as there are few staffing issues, minimal product inventories and low maintenance requirements. Additionally, cash flow is not an issue as there are no accounts receivable or personal checks.



In recent years, many savvy people with capital to invest have turned to laundromat ownership as a smart business decision.


At Technolavage, we work with many people to help them open our “The White Factory” laundromats in Morocco.

Laundromat investors look forward to the challenge of running a small business without being tied to it for eight hours a day or giving up their craft.

However, in the process of opening more laundromats, some owners decide to completely abandon their original occupation to run their laundromats as a full-time, full-fledged business.



Lightweight roof systems make constructing buildings quick and easy, allowing you to construct the envelope and roof structures with little effort.

We are recognized among the leading manufacturers of tensile structures offered in different designs. They are made from extremely resistant and flame retardant PVC coated technical fabric, lacquered with PVDF protection and come with supporting metal frames.


We also develop custom-made tents according to our customers' needs, taking into account their different assembly requirements.

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